The 3 Numbers You Need to Know as a Nightclub Owner

So, you’ve closed down your nightclub or bar for the night and it’s time to check your till. You count the earnings, deduct expenses, and are eager to find out if you’ve hit your sales goal for the night.

But is this the best number to use when measuring the success of your nightclub? It may seem simple enough to compare your sales goals to your actual sales, but it turns out there are three numbers that can be much more telling of your business’ short-term and long-term success.

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3 Reasons Your Security Staff Needs Hospitality Training

First impressions matter. People form their first impressions within the first few minutes of an interaction, and that impression is difficult to change.

At a bar or nightclub, this important first impression lies in the hands of the bouncers and security staff. They are a customer’s first point of contact, so it’s no surprise that many customers form a first impression of a nightclub based on their interaction with security.

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Come and See TallyFi at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas

We look forward to seeing all our Tallyfans at the Nightclub and Bar show, March 7-9th at the Las Vegas convention center!  Stop by booth #1506 in the new product pavilion to see everything TallyFi has to offer.

If you’re planning on attending and would like to schedule a 1:1 meeting, drop me an email at and we’ll book some time to go over your individual requirements.

We’re offering a special conference-exclusive 25% discount for all new customers! Stop by our booth for more details, and to see how TallyFi can help you build a stronger more profitable business.

TallyFi is counting the days until the we see you in Las Vegas!

TallyFi on your Wrist

Bar and nightclub owners have been telling us how much they love being aware of what is happening in their club no matter where they are or what they are doing. We wanted make it easier for you to get important information you need without the need to constantly be consulting your phone.

As you might have already guessed, we are announcing a custom app for the Pebble smartwatch that brings the core of the TallyFi’s real-time experience to your wrist.

If you are interested in having TallyFi on your wrist, visit our smartwatch signup page. Even if you don’t have a Pebble, head over there to let us know which device you want us to work on next.

TallyFi Tip #3 – Identify Counters with Coloured Bumpers

Did you know that every TallyFi counter comes with 3 coloured bumpers? They’re not just for aesthetics. These bumpers let you easily identify device locations (eg. Front Door, VIP Entrance, Patio Entrance, etc.) so that your staff always grabs the correct counter.

Because TallyFi counters sync together, venue operators have the freedom to add multiple points of entry without ever having to worry about capacity management.

Using TallyFi on Android

This post covers the process on Android, if you have an iOS device click here.

Although our website is optimized so that it works nicely on all modern phones and tablets, we still miss the convenience of tapping an app icon.

You can save tons of time by putting  TallyFi one tap away via a link on your home screen. We love this tip, as it basically eliminates the barrier to taking a quick peek at your venue’s real-time numbers.

Adding TallyFi on Android

Using TallyFi from your iPhone or iPad

This post covers the process on iOS, if you have an Android phone click here.

Checking on the current status of your club becomes addicting fast. We want to make sure that you can pop into your dashboard in a minimal amount of time. The easiest way to do that is to add TallyFi to your phone’s application grid.

The good news is that this process is fast and painless. In only four steps you can have TallyFi at your fingertips:

Installation Steps for Apple Devices
Installation Steps for Apple Devices


Boost Revenue with a Winter Patio Experience

Do you have a licensed patio that sits empty during the winter months? Consider turning it into a licensed lineup and serve up some Irish Coffee and other warm cocktails while your customers wait to enter your club.

This typically unused capacity can bring in additional revenue and make your club an easy choice on a busy night. Go one step further and add some outdoor heaters, decorative lighting, and an ice bar and make waiting in line an enjoyable experience that will keep customers coming back!

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Coat Check: To Charge or Not to Charge?

Winter is coming. For nightclub owners this means finding the space and staff to run a coat check service. Some nightclubs view this as an additional source of revenue, but is it really worth it?

Customers entering your venue from the bitter cold are confronted with cover charge, immediately followed by an additional coat check charge. Is this really the best experience for your customers? One owner we talked to thinks otherwise. Devon McKenzie owner and operator of Night School in Waterloo, Ontario has always offered free coat check. According to McKenzie,

“The additional income we get from coat check isn’t worth hassling my customers for a few extra dollars. We want them to have an enjoyable experience so they keep coming back.”

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TallyFi Tip #2 – Make TallyFi Part of Your Staff Routine

We understand that running your own bar or nightclub can be overwhelming. Building staff routines and checklists are excellent tools to ensure smooth operation. We recommend adding a couple checks to that list to ensure that TallyFi is always ready and accurate.

As part of your closing routine:

#1. Reset your TallyFi counters back to zero. This will ensure you’re ready to go the next time you’re open, and make your capacity data more readable from the dashboard.
#2. Charge your TallyFi counters. TallyFi counters are designed for extended periods of use between charging, but the last thing you want is a dead device at the beginning of a shift.

Adding these 2 simple steps will ensure that you never miss a single night, and always know your headcount.