TallyFi Tip #2 – Make TallyFi Part of Your Staff Routine

We understand that running your own bar or nightclub can be overwhelming. Building staff routines and checklists are excellent tools to ensure smooth operation. We recommend adding a couple checks to that list to ensure that TallyFi is always ready and accurate.

As part of your closing routine:

#1. Reset your TallyFi counters back to zero. This will ensure you’re ready to go the next time you’re open, and make your capacity data more readable from the dashboard.
#2. Charge your TallyFi counters. TallyFi counters are designed for extended periods of use between charging, but the last thing you want is a dead device at the beginning of a shift.

Adding these 2 simple steps will ensure that you never miss a single night, and always know your headcount.

Earn an Additional $30,000 per Year by Simply Optimizing Your Points of Entry

Maximizing your throughput means maximizing revenue. However, running an overcrowded venue can be a negative experience for customers, not to mention unsafe and illegal. It can be especially challenging for venues operating with multiple exits or entrances.

Ensuring your venue operates at its maximum capacity without going over can be a challenge. TallyFi makes it easy. Multiple TallyFi counters automatically sync together so that every point of entry always knows the current count. This means minimizing the amount of time seats remain empty, maximizing your throughput and increasing revenue.

Running a customer deficit can add up fast. Consider this example:

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TallyFi Tip #1 – Record Every In and Every Out

Your club is full and there’s a line down the street. Your marketing campaign was a huge success and you consistently draw a crowd. But are you maximizing your throughput? The first thing a new customer does when they walk into your venue is pay cover, then head straight to the bar. Maintaining a healthy flow of new customers not only improves your bottom line, but maintains a lively atmosphere.

When operating at capacity, it’s easy to ignore your TallyFi counter and operate on a one-in, one-out basis. While your capacity count will remain accurate you lose out on an important piece of information, throughput. Throughput tells you how many unique customers walked through your doors that night.

Always count every customer entering and exiting, even when operating at maximum capacity.

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TallyFi’s Beginnings

It started when a close friend opened a nightclub. He was surprised by the antiquated systems used to answer one of his most important questions: How many customers do I have? Most nightclubs track capacity using mechanical tally counters, and at the end of the night they’re left with a single number, total throughput.

A single number to describe an entire night where hundreds or often thousands of customers passed through their doors. This wasn’t enough. He knew that surviving in this business meant understanding as much as he could about his customers.

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