TallyFi’s Beginnings

It started when a close friend opened a nightclub. He was surprised by the antiquated systems used to answer one of his most important questions: How many customers do I have? Most nightclubs track capacity using mechanical tally counters, and at the end of the night they’re left with a single number, total throughput.

A single number to describe an entire night where hundreds or often thousands of customers passed through their doors. This wasn’t enough. He knew that surviving in this business meant understanding as much as he could about his customers.

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Meet the Team

With two decades of combined experience building smartphones and exploring all kinds of gadgets and technologies, the TallyFi team has the expertise to design and build high quality electronics and powerful web applications.

We love being part of Waterloo, Canada’s growing startup community. We are interested in building high quality tools that enable forward-looking businesses. Our goal is to grow with the success of our customers.

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