TallyFi Custom Public Dashboards: Beyond Just Numbers

At its core, TallyFi offers venues a straightforward way to monitor attendance. Our system tracks those entering and exiting, providing a real-time count. This data, by default, is private. We understand that for many, keeping this information to themselves is essential.

However, there are venues that wish to share their current count with their patrons. Maybe it’s a cafe sharing its occupancy during the brunch rush, or perhaps it’s a raffle showcasing the number of tickets sold in real-time. For these scenarios and many more, we’ve developed our custom public dashboards. If you’re looking to share this data, opting in is a breeze.

But let’s push the boundaries a bit: our system can be more than a digital counter. With some creativity, you can use it in ways you might not have first considered. For instance, while its standard use might be displaying the number of patrons, why not also use it to indicate an estimated wait time? By adjusting the pink and blue channels, it’s possible to both display the number of people waiting and estimate their wait time. It’s a testament to the versatility that TallyFi offers when approached with a fresh perspective.

Got a specific design in mind using HTML/CSS? We can integrate that directly into your dashboard without added fees above a standard level subscription. And if your ideas delve deeper or are more intricate, we’re on hand to discuss them and provide a quote to match.

To explore customizations or for any other queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at customdashboard@tallyfi.com. Whether you’re aiming for straightforward displays or innovative twists, TallyFi adapts to meet your vision.

Feature Spotlight: Notes

The events that occur during a particular day obviously have a big effect on your numbers. This week, we’ve decided to highlight “Notes” – a feature that will help you keep track of what happened and why.

A note is simply a centralized place for you and your team to share information tied to a particular day – for example, special event details (“VIP Visit” or “Beatles Concert”), or for daily operational logs (“ticket machine broke”, or “extreme weather”). There are two places you can get started with notes:

  1. From your main dashboard you can add a note to the current day by clicking the note button in the upper right hand corner.
  2. From the calendar view you can add a note to any day by first selecting the desired date and activating the “Add Note/Sales” button.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be provided with a free-form text area that you can fill with whatever information you’d like. The text will be visible from the calendar view alongside your daily numbers.

Adding a Note from the dashboard (left) and from the calendar view (right)

Great! The next thing you’ll want to tryout is ‘Note Search’. Visiting the calendar page, you can use the search button to find all the days that contain matching text. For instance, say you are looking to review the last three times a particular event called the “Campfire Ball” was held.

Note search button (top right hand corner of calendar page)

Performing the search will list each of the times the phrase appeared in the note text, so that you can easily find important events and compare their impact on daily totals. For multiple venue owners, the search results include matching days across all of your venues, which makes it easy to track events that move between locations.

Search Results – each of the days referencing the “Campfire Ball” appear in this list

New Feature: TallyFi Email Reports

Today we are launching a new feature that many of our customers have been asking for, and we think you’re going to love it – Email Reports!

Boring, right?

Start each week with a quick review of last week’s performance and stay on top trends that affect your bottom line. Track the performance of your promotions and always keep on top of guest counts.

Focus on doing the things that grow your business, making more money is never boring!

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TallyFi Tip #3 – Identify Counters with Coloured Bumpers

Did you know that every TallyFi counter comes with 3 coloured bumpers? They’re not just for aesthetics. These bumpers let you easily identify device locations (eg. Front Door, VIP Entrance, Patio Entrance, etc.) so that your staff always grabs the correct counter.

Because TallyFi counters sync together, venue operators have the freedom to add multiple points of entry without ever having to worry about capacity management.

Using TallyFi on Android

This post covers the process on Android, if you have an iOS device click here.

Although our website is optimized so that it works nicely on all modern phones and tablets, we still miss the convenience of tapping an app icon.

You can save tons of time by putting  TallyFi one tap away via a link on your home screen. We love this tip, as it basically eliminates the barrier to taking a quick peek at your venue’s real-time numbers.

Adding TallyFi on Android

Using TallyFi from your iPhone or iPad

This post covers the process on iOS, if you have an Android phone click here.

Checking on the current status of your club becomes addicting fast. We want to make sure that you can pop into your dashboard in a minimal amount of time. The easiest way to do that is to add TallyFi to your phone’s application grid.

The good news is that this process is fast and painless. In only four steps you can have TallyFi at your fingertips:

Installation Steps for Apple Devices
Installation Steps for Apple Devices


TallyFi Tip #2 – Make TallyFi Part of Your Staff Routine

We understand that running your own bar or nightclub can be overwhelming. Building staff routines and checklists are excellent tools to ensure smooth operation. We recommend adding a couple checks to that list to ensure that TallyFi is always ready and accurate.

As part of your closing routine:

#1. Reset your TallyFi counters back to zero. This will ensure you’re ready to go the next time you’re open, and make your capacity data more readable from the dashboard.
#2. Charge your TallyFi counters. TallyFi counters are designed for extended periods of use between charging, but the last thing you want is a dead device at the beginning of a shift.

Adding these 2 simple steps will ensure that you never miss a single night, and always know your headcount.

TallyFi Tip #1 – Record Every In and Every Out

Your club is full and there’s a line down the street. Your marketing campaign was a huge success and you consistently draw a crowd. But are you maximizing your throughput? The first thing a new customer does when they walk into your venue is pay cover, then head straight to the bar. Maintaining a healthy flow of new customers not only improves your bottom line, but maintains a lively atmosphere.

When operating at capacity, it’s easy to ignore your TallyFi counter and operate on a one-in, one-out basis. While your capacity count will remain accurate you lose out on an important piece of information, throughput. Throughput tells you how many unique customers walked through your doors that night.

Always count every customer entering and exiting, even when operating at maximum capacity.

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