Earn an Additional $30,000 per Year by Simply Optimizing Your Points of Entry

Maximizing your throughput means maximizing revenue. However, running an overcrowded venue can be a negative experience for customers, not to mention unsafe and illegal. It can be especially challenging for venues operating with multiple exits or entrances.

Ensuring your venue operates at its maximum capacity without going over can be a challenge. TallyFi makes it easy. Multiple TallyFi counters automatically sync together so that every point of entry always knows the current count. This means minimizing the amount of time seats remain empty, maximizing your throughput and increasing revenue.

Running a customer deficit can add up fast. Consider this example:

A busy college bar hits their capacity 3 nights per week, from roughly 9:30pm to 1:30am. This means they operate at full capacity for 12 hours each week. Because of the communication delay between the front entrance security staff and the side entrance patio staff they stay 10 customers below their allowable capacity. Their average customer purchases 1 drink per hour at $5 per drink. Let’s do the math.

12 operating hours x 10 customers below capacity x $5 per drink = $600 lost per week

For an entire year? $600 x 52 weeks = $31,200 lost per year

Get competitive and start optimizing your capacity today. Learn more about this feature, and more advanced features TallyFi has to offer.