Retail & Covid

New Metrics for Success

Earlier this year retail businesses were forced to close their doors as the pandemic swept the world. As we begin to slow the spread of COVID-19 and reopen the economy, businesses are facing tremendous new challenges.

Capacity restrictions, frequency cleaning schedules, and new metrics for success are just a few of these challenges. Before the pandemic, the goal of most retailers was to get as many people into their stores as possible, and keep them there as long as they could. These measures of success quickly eroded as new restrictions on capacity were put in place to keep both employees and customers safe.

Retailers had to completely reinvent their customer strategies. “Retail’s Great Pivot: How The Pandemic Has Changed Stores’ Criteria For Success From Traffic To Efficiency”  provides a great overview of this dramatic shift.

TallyFi has always been in the business of helping its customers measure their success. By accurately tracking current count, throughput, and average length of stay, TallyFi provides the data necessary to determine what’s working, and what isn’t.

In addition to tracking these metrics, TallyFi maintains its core competency of accurately managing real time guest capacity. The live count ensures that retailers always operate at safe levels.