Introducing the Newly Designed “TallyFi TF-2” Counter

TallyFi is proud to announce the release of its second generation counter technology, the “TallyFi TF-2”. Looking back on 3 years of real world usage and millions of counts, we set out to improve upon the original TallyFi TF-1 design.

While functionally similar to the existing counters (and fully backwards compatible) the new counters offer improved connectivity, durability, and water resistance.

The TallyFi TF-2 also comes equipped with a new WiFi setup technology,, to simplify the setup process even further. Developed completely in-house, provides a secure and simple method for transferring WiFi credentials from any smartphone or computer directly to your TallyFi device.

You can check out all the latest features at, or if you’ve already got a device and are looking to get started you can try our Quick Start Guide at